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  • CHOICE magazine tells us that one of the main things that Mums buy after having a baby is soft cheese! Yes ? we were surprised to, but after 9 months of deprivation, it makes sense! So, we?ve listened to the statistics, and created this beautiful gift. We?ve combined all the goodies that new mums want ? camembert cheese, brie cheese, lavoche, nuts, dried fruits and chocolates, plus some gorgeous items for the new baby too. A perfect gift for the new baby and Mum. Gift contents: 1 ?Alluring Linens? cosy embroidered and satin lined baby fleece blanket 1 ?Bubba Blue? Baby Wrap 1 gorgeous puppy dog soft toy 1 pack of 56 organic cotton safety baby ear buds. Made from 100% pure organic cotton with environmentally friendly paper stem. 1 Eco Baby Soap. Made in New Zealand from a selection of all natural products including lavender and goats milk. 1 60g box of ?Simply Fine Foods? organic lavoche crackers 1 125g ?Rosenborg? Brie Cheese 1 125g ?Rosenborg? Camembert Cheese 100g pack of raw almonds 100g pack of exotic dried fruit mix 8 deliciously smooth and creamy milk chocolate truffles that will melt in your mouth.
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